Privacy policy YuanHype

As YuanHype, we are committed to respecting and protecting your privacy from the outside world. The privacy policy governs your access to utilise the website YuanHype, software, content associated with it and mobile applications and their data (all services collectively). The privacy policy explains why and when the collection of data and its usage happen by us. Also, what is the need for the collection of data when people visit our website for the usage of scintillating services that we offer them. We also explain the conditions under which we may disclose your personal data or information to others, along with keeping it confidential under closed doors. We emphasise the security of your personal data. You may find changes in our privacy policies from time to time to accommodate the change. You should visit our page occasionally to see the latest developments regarding our policies. By using our services by paying a visit to our website, you are agreeing to our privacy policies.

Information collected by us

YuanHype collects your personal information or data in the following phases:-

a.)We collect the e-mail addresses of people who communicate with us using their email-ids.

B.)The aggregate pages visited by people during their visit on our website.

c.)When a user volunteers any information during site registrations, surveys and other ways.

d.)There is a situation where a user requires to sync for financial reasons. The information is collected there.

e.)Information associated with the use of our website where we collect the information of your IP address, mobile application, geographical location and time and date of your request.

How do we use your information?

YuanHype use the following information collected by us from the user for the following purposes:-
1.)For fulfilling some liabilities associated with the registration of the contract during processing, it further on our website for any terms or policies and changes related to them.
2.)Where it is essential for purposes that are related directly to YuanHype or the interest of third parties. For offering the content or information requested by you.
a.)To get in touch with you for our programs, services, products and events.
b.)It is used for internal business purposes, including customer services, authentication, identification, portfolio tracking, and preference of users fo syncing them with various devices.
c.)For ensuring the security of our esteemed website by preventing it from any hacking from unwarranted people and malicious activities.
d.)To enforce compliance with YuanHype’s other policies and usage of terms.
e.)For helping other organisations (copyright owners) in enforcing their rights.
f.)To construct or tailoring content, advertisement and offers disclosed during the collection time.
If you are reluctant to receive our marketing material, products, features or information on our latest developments, right it to us through our official email-id.
3) When you give your consent to us, then we utilise your information in the following ways:- a.)When you ask us to offer our marketing information regarding services or products through a medium that needs us your consent, it includes mobile push notifications and alerts.
b.)When you allow us to put the cookies and utilise similar technologies.
c.)On different occasions, when we seek your consent for a purpose.
4) When we are bound legally to perform a task by the government or otherwise. It will help in keeping away with the yuan pay group scam types of information circulating in the market. When we are required to cooperate with any police investigation, the information is used to cope up with cops and their duties or support other legal proceedings for protecting our website against any unauthorised use, protect our rights, the safety of visitors and property.

Our process of sharing information

We never intend to sell or share your personal data with other people or organisations for any commercial purpose or needs. However, there’s an exception when you request a service or product from us.
a.)When there is a need for investigation or probe, prevent or initiate action against any illegal activities, situations involving physical harms of threats or suspected frauds or scam, violation of terms and conditions, or asked by the law, we share the information.
b.)When YuanHype merges with any other company, we may have to share your information with that company. However, YuanHype will notify you before your data or personal information is transferred.
c.)We provide information to trusted people or third parties or business partners taht work on our behalf. They have non-disclosure agreements with us.
d.)The information is offered to companies controlled by us or which work under us for a specific purpose.
e.)The public data may be used purely for research purpose. We may aggregate it from our clients.