Membership of China goes past the 95 million mark

Data shared by the Communist Party of China’s organisation department revealed that CPC had crossed the mark of 95 million memberships on June 5, 2021. It had 95.1 million members throughout the nation and around 4.9 million primarily level organisations. The CPC’s Central Committee displayed it on Wednesday. 

During the breakdown, it was found that the women represented almost 28.8 per cent of the total members. Therefore, it makes for 27.45 million females attaining the membership. From minority and ethnic groups, there are 7.135 million members. It accounts for 7.5 per cent of the overall numbers. Moreover, 52  per cent of members hold at least a bachelor’s degree or above, which is around 49.51 million people. 

Interestingly, roughly 134,000 people of the current members had been devoting themselves to the party before October 1949. Notably, it was the foundation time for the People’s Republic of China. 

During the era between 1949 to 1978, almost 14.55 million people joined the membership of the party. So it was before when the country introduced its policy of reforms and opening up to the world. The 11th CPC Central Committee opened the third plenary session. 

Diversifying the total membership, 60.94 million folks took the membership between 1949 to 2012. It was the time when China’s CPC organised its eighteenth National Congress. Furthermore, the members who joined the CPC after 2012 are approximately 19.51 million. The number of applicants as of June 5, 2021, had reached 20 million. 

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