Mainland China reports 23 new confirmed COVID-19 patients

The COVID 19 resurgence in China shocked everyone on Monday when 23 new cases were confirmed in the Chinese Mainland. However, the cases of transmission were noted around three in the Yunnan Province situated in China’s Southwest. On Tuesday, the data from the NHC (National Health Commission) revealed that 20 are from overseas.

Additionally, the burgeoning numbers witnessed 25 new asymptomatic coronavirus cases, out of that 23 are from overseas, while 2 from the Yunnan Province. Meanwhile, the other 446 patients are already under medical supervision and recuperating.

Thus, the currently active cases of COVID-19 in Mainland China stand at 91,892. However, the death figure remains static at 4646 but the growing cases are creating worries.

Here are the total number of confirmed cases in regions of Taiwan, Macao and Hong Kong.

Macao: Total cases are 55 and 51 have recovered.
Hong Kong: It has so far seen 212 fatalities, 11943 cases and 11943 recoveries
Taiwan: Deaths have been massive (689), total cases 15061 and recoveries 11008.

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