How to buy crypto?

Cryptocurrency is the market that is growing like wildfire in a jungle. However, it is spreading positivity here like never before. People have got plenty of opportunities to invest in them. But do you know what exactly a cryptocurrency is? And how does it function in the financial market? There is a method you need to replicate while adjusting to it. Meanwhile, there is no mystery attached to trading cryptocurrencies, but one should learn ways to trade them.

What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is a digital form of currency that does not have any physical form in the market. It is available only through networks of computers. Thus, one needs an internet connection to avail them. You can use it for buying goods and services from the market. It uses robust cryptography and blockchain technology to keep your transactions secure from any online hacking.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised generally and do not have any control of governments globally. They run through heavy algorithms and mined through computer programming. People purchase them for generating profits by speculating their prices based on news and information. 

Interestingly, YuanPay Group has brought the first of its kind digital currency to the world that the Chinese government approves. Digital Yuan is here to give every existing cryptocurrency a run for its money. That is because it is fully authenticated and regulated. Thus, everybody can trust it. Also, it is being stated that the cryptocurrency can soon go past USD 100,000 soon following the excitement around it. 

Notably, bitcoin had touched nearly USD 65,000 in April 2021. It was unprecedented and unexpected. But due to the belief of volumes of people, the price of the digital coin kept soaring. Meanwhile, other markets were finding it difficult to garner investments; bitcoin was touching heights. Its consistency surprised everyone. However, the acceptance of several countries and industries let it grow. 

Cryptocurrencies work on an online ledger, and data is stored in blocks. Several companies have issued digital coins that are known as a token. They are receiving good investments, and volatility in many of them is higher than you can anticipate. 

Number of currencies in the market 

The cryptocurrency market is growing by leaps and bounds, looking at the promising numbers and potential that it is exhibiting to traders. Currently, more than ten thousand cryptocurrencies are traded worldwide as a reputed market research website. Digital currencies are proliferating at a rapid speed and outgrowing several other spaces. As of May 27, 2021, the market cap of cryptocurrencies touched USD 1.7 trillion. 

However, it went past USD 2.2 trillion market capitalisation, more than Apple’s market cap in April 2021. It shows the authority cryptocurrencies have over the market. Digital Yuan is all set to embrace the situation and revolutionise the entire process of trading. High hopes emanate from it because it is advanced in many ways and exudes confidence in Chinese people. It is being stated that the currency may replace the current one.

 Thus, it can become the nation’s official currency with the massive population and government’s backing. Also, the transparency it is readily offering will give stiff competition to the current cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum that have been in the market for a while and are accustomed to the market needs. 

The excitement is refusing to go slow for the same reason. The investment in the currency will also impact the forex market. Additionally, one can witness the investments shifting from foreign exchange to the government-owned cryptocurrency due to increased and benefits. 

Process of buying cryptocurrency 

For buying a cryptocurrency, you need to observe the market for a while because there are many fluctuations. Also, a piece of news or information can alter the market theatrics upside down. So, before jumping into the market, it is advisable you study it carefully and then prepare yourself for the investment. 

Once you fully know its functionality and modus operandi, search for an exchange or platform like YuanHype offered by the YuanPay Group. The facilities on the website are trading friendly. You can easily create an account and start trading after simple verification steps. 

How to open an account for cryptocurrency trading? 

If you are interested in opening a trading account, the following steps will help you:- 

  • Mention your complete name that is there in your documents
  • Write your phone number used by you frequently for receiving confidential messages, confirmation and regular updates for trading. 
  • Write your email address for confirmation and information purposes.
  • Once it is all done, you’ll be required to assign a password for your account. 
  • Click on the open account tab, and your account gets created.
  • Some brokers of exchange may ask some questions and documents for verifying the information provided by you is authentic or not. In case there’s some issue, your candidature will be cancelled immediately. 
  • You’ll have to attach your bank account with the broker or exchange for fuelling your account wallet with funds. 

Some brokers offer the facility of guaranteeing you optimum security. Also, you can look forward to using a demo account that has all the features that a real broker and trading environment may provide, along with a platform. So, you can take your time investing in that training and apply all your expertise there. You can learn freely without hesitation and see what works for every condition of the market. That’s the best mantra for achieving success. 

Reasons why cryptocurrencies are famous? 

  • The biggest reason for cryptocurrency is famous because it does not need a bank for the transaction. Also, the boundaries of nations cease to exist when you make a transaction. The charges or fees are way less. So, you are always benefiting from trading. 
  • You can trade them easily with an exchange or online trading portal like YuanHype, which is produced by Yuan Pay Group. The broker and the group are akin to excellence and have been successful in their several ventures so far.
  • Technology attracts people because it cuts off plenty of deficiencies. There are advancements and betterment. 
  • The tag of currency of futures gives hope to people. They want to try something new that get them rid of the unnecessary botheration of carrying cash. 
  • Cryptocurrencies are easy to speculate, bid, buy and sell in the market compared to other assets. Also, there’s no connection between what’s happening with other financial assets and markets. That’s why when stocks, indices, commodities and forex were plunging incessantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies had the best time. It helped in making several new millionaires in a short period. 
  • E-Yuan is going on the same line and is stated to script history soon with its promising start. 

Is cryptocurrency investment good? 

It depends on the time and the type of cryptocurrency you are investing in. If you invest through YuanHype in digital yuan, bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, dogecoin, litecoin and other assets, your returns are higher. 


E-Yuan or digital Yuan by Yuan Pay Group is setting standards for being the world’s first government-backed digital currency. If you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, then observing the market is important. Moreover, you need to choose a broker or exchange like one offered by Yuan Pay Group. Furthermore, you need to fill details, provide essential information like bank details and personal documents for creating an account 

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