Famous success stories of cryptocurrency traders

Success stories are inspirations that remain there when the person is not there to tell. They go on for millenniums and immortalise in people’s memories. That’s the impact. Also, pulls out the trust in human ability and post in the mainstream. Such tales of glory are everywhere. Cryptocurrency has been touched with various such stories that changed so many lives. The journey from rags to riches is no short of miracles and expounding what a human can do and achieve in life. 

However, all of them required grit, determination, an intrepid approach, and patience to achieve success heights. But how do they come? What elements more one needs to get there? How do you believe your gut or intuition in the cryptocurrency market? These questions are genuine and must have been there in the minds of achievers as well. 

So far, bitcoin has been at the forefront and synonymous with cryptocurrency. However, things have altered, and many other digital currencies have mushroomed. They have scripted lives of people with golden ink.  The following tales of glory changed the mindset of traders and a layperson regarding trading in one of the newest market of the world.

Kristoffer Koch: All luck and full glory

The tale drew inspiration when bitcoin had released in 2009. Not many people knew about bitcoin, and the price was in fractions of dollars. The opportunity was abundant for purchase. But it takes a jeweller to verify the value of a gem. However, it was not the case here. Koch was busy writing a thesis on encryption technology, which was not that popular back then. Bitcoin was not popular either. 

He was researching an encryption application for his university of Norway and came across bitcoin, an unknown cryptocurrency and a pilot project. With the curiosity to know more about digital currency, he purchased 5000 bitcoin at a mere USD 26. Yes, he was among the fewest people who could own them at the beginning unknowingly. 

However, soon after buying them, he forgot about them altogether, like we do after placing our car or motorbike keys. He did not inquire about bitcoin for almost four long years. He woke up from the deep slumber only when the mainstream media started making rounds about bitcoin and its rising prices. In 2013, he could not believe his luck and stared at the news with disbelief. The rates soared hundreds of times at what he bought them. However, soon after buying them, he forgot about them altogether, like we do after placing our car or motorbike keys. 

One fine day, Kristoffer put in all his might to find the credentials to his encrypted bitcoin wallet. He got hold of them and had struck gems by the time. He sold 1000 bitcoin for USD 886,000. That was huge, and he still saved 4000 bitcoin. Mr. Koch had become a millionaire in one shot. 

The funds were enough to get him a luxurious apartment in Norway’s Oslo. However, it was accidental, but he teaches us a big lesson. However, it is not known what he is doing with the rest of the coins. But it reinstates one thing: if you can display some resilience and patient with your decisions, anything is achievable. 

Jeremy Gardner: King of crypto

The early stages can help you become richer, and Jeremy Gardner’s story is no less. He was among the fewest who recognised the potential of investment in the digital currency market by looking at hindsight. He studied the impact of cryptocurrencies and researched bitcoin before finally convincing himself in 2014 to invest in it, considering it as the future currency. And guess what, he was spot on in declaring it so. 

Jeremy bought some bitcoin from his friends in exchange for money. He felt like a winner and felt overwhelmed. One of the biggest thing that interested him was the decentralised nature and blockchain technology. That ensured him the safety of digital currency. All he needed was an internet connection that would allow him to witness fluctuations in the trading market. Following the enthusiasm and seeing the market, he bought bitcoin worth thousands of dollars and kept it with him with patience. 

After a few days, his funds doubled in the market. By the age of 25, Jeremy had become a millionaire. He was on cloud nine. It was the conviction, perseverance, self-confidence and patience that led him to become rich in a span of some days. Interestingly, he dropped out of college twice. Who would have thought that he would make such insane money so quickly? It teaches self-realisation and sticking to one plan. 

Erik Finman: Too young to be a millionaire 

Age is just a number; the phrase is used mainly for people who are veterans or adults. But Erik Finman changed the perception for everyone by becoming one of the youngest millionaires ever. It was 2011 when pearls of wisdom struck Finman nicely; so well that the gift of USD 1,000 from his grandmother went straightaway into buying bitcoin. He was only twelve years old back then. Anyone who would listen to this would call him a fool. 

Who would not like to buy video games, sports accessories, chocolates and other attractive products? Kids that young would do that, right? But no him. He was determined, or one can assume destined to achieve something bigger. 

After two years, bitcoin was priced at USD 1200. Erik decided to sell them and made hefty profits. With that money, he started his education venture Botangle. The company became popular soon. Investors bid the valuation of the company with 300 bitcoins or USD 1,00,000. Erik chose the former once again, and the rest is history. 

Interestingly, in one of his interviews, he revealed that he had struck a deal with his parents that they would not force him into school if he became a millionaire before turning 18. And he finally achieved the aim. His story teaches us determination in buying cryptocurrencies. 

Kingsley Advani: Leap of Faith 

What leap of faith is one can learn from Kingsley Advani. Also, grasping the potential of cryptocurrency at an early age is an exceptional task. He had his eyes on the aim right from the beginning of his career. He worked at a software company and started investing every penny of his salary into the cryptocurrency market.

However, he did not get much salary and had to sell off his laptop and other accessories to invest in the crypto market. That was a risk that no one would take with limited income. But Kinglsey could see what others could not. 

Advani knew that his hard work and trustable risk would reap him rewards later or sooner. And it did in 2017 during the bull run. Soon after, he became a millionaire after the bitcoin left everyone’s imagination aghast and reached the pinnacle in no time. 

After achieving what he wanted, he became an angel investor and consultant to startups. It shows that sometimes it is the self-belief and trust you need to sail through any water. 


All stories indicate one thing, recognition of the correct time for investment and believing yourself. It is like swimming against the tide for achieving what you believe is correct. The cryptocurrency market is the stream of hopes that spells magic each day. E-Yuan or digital Yuan launched by the Yuan PayGroup is offering a similar opportunity to traders. If you can recognise it, start investing because it is priced low. 

However, it’s recognised by the Chinese government, which makes it readily acceptable in the global market. 

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