Chinese vaccines have not failed, reports CNN

Opposing the claims by the western media outlets on Saturday, CNN reported that Chinese vaccines are working in the fight against the deadly coronavirus. Meanwhile, other media houses had claimed that the growing number of the virus was due to vaccines of China.

Interestingly, countries like Seychelles, Mongolia and Chila have got 50 per cent of their population inoculated mostly with Chinese vaccines. However, new cases of COVID-19 are increasing rapidly.

CNN reported that the news cases are in the people who haven’t got themselves vaccinated. As per the health ministry of Chile, the COVID cases between June 17 to 23 belonged to people who were not fully vaccinated. The percentage of people was 73. Also, they were admitted in the intensive care unit (ICU) of hospitals.

Likewise, in Seychelles, the ministry of health on a Facebook post had stated that only 3 people out of 63 who died that month were fully vaccinated with two doses.

It is noticeable that the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm is available for people under the age of 60.

In Mongolia, approximately 96 per cent of death occurred in those people who did not have any vaccines or had only one jab. Among them, only one fifth got both doses to receive protection from the COVID 19 pandemic.

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