Chinese mission disapproves EU’s resolution

Thursday witnessed some interesting turn of events where the Chinese mission cited a strong disapproval of the European parliament’s resolution over HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region). China noted that it was confounding white and black.

Notably, the European Union on Thursday had prompted the member states to undertake fresh measures, including several sanctions on entities and individuals in HKSAR and Mainland China. It has irked the dragon like no other thing.

China called it the violation of spirited rule of law. The Chinese mission spokesperson called it a blatant disregard of governing international relations. He called it gross interference in China’s internal matters.

The spokesperson cited that the law and order situation was alright and restored in Hong Kong since People’s Republic of China’s laws were adopted in the HKSAR for safeguarding the National Security. As per him, life returned to normal in Hong Kong and over 90 nations spoke about it in UNHRC (United Nations Human Resource Council) on China’s steps over HK.

However, the spokesperson tried to avoid the question over the EU’s concern over the shutting down of Apple Daily newspaper. He emphasised that no one was above law and everyone was treated equally as per the newly established law in HKSAR.

He justified the actions against individuals and companies by the police calling it justified efforts to normalise the law and uphold the crime in the region.

Strictly calling Hong Kong as China’s matter of internal affairs, the spokesperson stated that the country will go any lengths to uphold the sovereignty and integrity of its territories, development interests and security.

The European Parliament’s resolution urged the European institution to decline invitations for the Winter Olympics to be held in China in 2022. It asked the government representatives and diplomats to snub the invites to Beijing.

Meanwhile, China is firmly opposing the politicisation of sports. He cited that several organisations, including the International Olympic Committee, broader global community and National Olympic committees have opposed the move.

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