China wants to strengthen strategic ties with Russia

Wang Yi, the state councillor and foreign minister of China on Sunday, called for a joint Russia and China for upholding the multilateralism jointly, relegating the political hegemony. The remark was made by Wang while attending the reception marking the twentieth anniversary of the China-Russia treaty of Friendly cooperation and Good Neighbourliness in Beijing. Meanwhile, Andrey Denisov, the Russian Ambassador to China, also attended the event.

The note was the extension of the statement issued jointly by Chinese president Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin on June 28, 2021.

Wang stated that Russia and China must stand against power politics and political hegemony, safeguard the international system with the UN, support multilateralism, democratisation of international relations, promote multi-polarisation globally and clique confrontation.

The foreign affairs minister said that both sides should work on bridging the gap of political trust and boost it further. He weighed on the comprehensive strategic partnership, reinforce shoulder-to-shoulder and back-to-back strategic collaborations. Wang emphasised exchanges and expansions on all levels, safeguarding and securing the core interests of both nations. He said that stability was one of the vital aspects of the coordination of partnership.

Addressing the event, he hailed the relation between both the countries as better than allies. Russia and China are on the verge of promoting dragon’s most ambitious project Belt and Road Initiative. It is in association with Eurasian Economic Union. Moreover, he hoped on agriculture, vaccines, digital economy, low-carbon energy and other sectors.

Wang mentioned that bilateral trade had spiked around fourteen times from 2000 to 2020 (USD 8 billion to USD 107.77 billion). It sprouts from reviewing the two decades of cooperation.

Speaking highly of the treaty, Denisov appreciated the bilateral relations that are laying a robust foundation between the two countries. He said that it helped in bringing the strategic partnership to a new era.

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