China suggests formulating rules for cyberspace

Representative of China in the United Nations, Zhang Jun Tuesday, suggested that there was a requirement of formulating rules for cyberspace internationally which should be accepted by all countries unanimously. It would initiate waring against arms races in cyberspace and hegemony. 

The permanent representative of China in the UN said all countries must uphold multilateralism, opening and establishing inclusive and sustainable cybersecurity governance. He said that it should all happen under the aegis of the United Nations, and all should participate equally in that. He emphasised that group politics and small circles must be avoided. Zhang was speaking at the debate of the virtual UN security council. 

Zhang noted that China was looking for a fresh open-ended working group that can work on cybersecurity. The country is looking to function with other countries and contribute to maintaining cybersecurity. He said that under the framework of the UN, the development of the international convention must take place against cybercrime. Jun claimed that China was ready to work with parties in promoting it. 

Moreover, he warned against the perils of protectionism, hegemony and unilateralism in cyberspace as that could poison the environment of cooperation along with intensifying some serious confrontations. 

Zhang stated that there should not be any human interference in companies. Emphasising unilateralism, he said companies needed an environment free from vices like discrimination to expand their businesses. The atmosphere must be fair and open to all to prosper. He reiterated the need for stability in the global IT sector and to promote health and supply chain. 

The representative invoked every nation to participate in actively adopting more proactive steps, coordinated and inclusive policies for developing ICT( information and communication technologies). He spoke against the technological hegemony. 

He spoke about China’s most ambitious project, the Silk Road initiative. Zhang noted that his country was working with other nations for building a new landscape. The ambassador called for the requirement of promoting security by preventing cyberspace on an equaliser and maintaining peace in the world. 

He said that it was important to connect the world for future-oriented projects and interconnect through intelligent ways. 

Zhang said that it was important to deal with the application of laws in the conflict of cyberspace, which can become a new battlefield. He said, dealing with that cautiously was the need of the hour, and arms races required prevention. 

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