China requests the US to ward off tariffs

China requests the US to ward off tariffs

China once again went berserk over the US and request its rival to lift the additional tariffs. The dragon said that it was in the interest of producers and consumers of both US and China. Moreover, it was better for the recovery of the global economy. It was stated by the Commerce Ministry. 

The remarks came after Vice-Premier Liu He had a video conference with Janey Yellen, Treasury Secretary, this week. The invitation was sent by the US side. 

The Chinese side even expressed concerns and requested the lifting of tariffs. The fair treatment of companies from China also remained on their agenda.

The ministry’s spokeswoman Shu Jueting, decipher that both sides conversed for about good ninety minutes. They exchanged professional, pragmatic and in-depth talks on a variety of topics related to trade and commerce. 

Both discussed the policies and macroeconomic situation of the US and China. Moreover, issues like supply chains, inflationary pressures, economic growth conditions, financial stability and other problems were talked about at lengths as per the commerce official. 

Shu added that views on bilateral and multilateral cooperation in different fields like cooperation during the G20 framework and financial market supervision were also exchanged. 

Meanwhile, the US and China have maintained communication on trade and economic matters. They have decided to continue communication on all levels for focusing on practical cooperation while solving specific issues that trouble both nations and the entire world. 

Notably, China is trying to maintain stable growth this year. According to the country, its demand for exports is growing in the US. 

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