China locked down once again to contain the latest COVID-19 outbreak

China locked down once again to contain the latest COVID-19 outbreak

The latest delta outbreak in the alleged COVID-19 country China has led the local government to impose fresh restrictions in a region to stop the spread of the virus. The initial flare-up is quickly becoming a nationwide problem once again. 

In the Inner Mongolian region of China, Ejin has asked its 35,700 residents to stay indoors from Monday. Moreover, they have warned of criminal and civil liabilities if anyone should disobey the orders CCTV, the state broadcaster reported. It cited the statement of the local government. 

Notably, the outbreak of the hotspot is the small country adjacent to Mongolia. It is the hotbed of more than a third of the total cases found in the region over the past week in the mainland, which is 150. 

The lockdown has been imposed after the warning from National Health Commission officials a day before that the outbreak could go worse after spreading in more than 11 provinces. On Monday, China had reported around 38 infections. More than half were found in the Mongolian region.

Moreover, Beijing has also witnessed double cases. They were all traced back to the province of the northwest. It has banned the entry of people from other states. For entering the place, people will be required to bring in the negative COVID report. Also, it should not be more than 2 days old. It should be followed by the health monitoring of 2 weeks. 

Meanwhile, cases with fewer cases like Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Gansu and Mongolia in the northwest and Guizhou, southwest have been debarred from cross-country travel. 

Furthermore, tourism-related trains have also been halted as the current variant is spreading quicker than ever. Even the formidable restrictions are unable to contain the spread of the virus. Interestingly, it is the only country in the world to reduce the transmission of the delta variant from the local level. 

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