China hails Pakistan as a brother.

Wan Yi, Chinese foreign minister and state councillor, on Wednesday, hailed Pakistan as China’s closest friend. Amid the closer ties, the minister urged both countries to step up in forging proximity in the community with a shared future ahead.

Commemorating the 70 years of diplomatic relations between China and Pakistan via a video link, Wang made remarks during the ceremony’s opening.

Wang noted that two countries had forged ahead in seven decades. They shared weal and woe; he said while calling their friendship an iron-clad one. The foreign minister added their relationship was built on mutual political trust addressing bilateral ties as a valuable strategic asset.

The state councillor emphasised pushing the envelope for strategic communication further. He suggested top-level officials’ discourses for guiding the development of bilateral ties.

The diplomat also urged the two nations to work together earnestly to counter the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic. He also talked about China’s ambitious project CPEC (China- Pakistan Economic Corridor) for safeguarding their territories jointly, practising multilateralism and establishing regional peace.

He said that China wished that Pakistan would become stronger, cherish unity, stability and development.

Adding to it, Wang said that irrespective of the shift in international landscapes, China would always have Pakistan’s back. He said that China would support Pakistan in safeguarding its territorial integrity, sovereignty, and national independence. Besides, it would push the country toward the suited path of development to help it realise the new vision.

The seminar was hosted in Islamabad.

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