China administers more than 1.2 billion vaccines COVID 19 doses

China has sped up its vaccine rollout recently, which led to the country administering more than 1.2 billion COVID 19 doses. It was announced by the national health authority of the nation on Tuesday. Interestingly, the number surged by more than 100 million doses in the span of four days. However, it took almost a month to reach the number in the month of April. 

The country has set a target to reach 40 per cent vaccination coverage by June’s end. Experts have predicted that China would be required to vaccine around 80 per cent of the population to develop herd immunity against the coronavirus at the end of the current year. Thus, the same efforts would be required to meet in the second half of 2021 as well. 

The chief of the Chinese Center for disease control, Shao Yiming, said they had achieved half of the huge task at hand already. He seemed hopeful of achieving the target and developing herd immunity in people. 

Notably, with delta variant, highly transmissible virus, hitting the Guangdong Province, the country’s most populated place, the nation is just inches away from getting to the target. Meanwhile, experts believe that the country has already got the required protection against most variants, if not all. 

Shao noted that after the vaccine drive gets accomplished, a booster vaccine would be required after or around six months. The idea was based on the scientific data collected by them. He said that the research team were closely monitoring the duration of effectiveness of the vaccine. After a few studies, the chief stated that he was sure that the vaccine would last at least six months. 

However, experts have reiterated that booster vaccination drive wouldn’t be rolled out without studying the requirement and the virus further. Currently, researchers are focusing on recognising the perils and the lasting effects of the vaccine. The government is in the phase of developing its comprehensive decision. 

For achieving the existing goals, the country would be required to expand the types of vaccines and amounts available simultaneously. More than ten companies are going through their phase three clinical trials in the country, as per experts. The numbers are beside the existing vaccine providers.

Shao said they were aiming to counter the variants coming from across the globe. He stated that they would have vaccines combating all types of variants by the end of the year. 

It is noticeable that China has offered more than 350 million doses of vaccines worldwide. It is committed to providing over10 million doses to COVAX. 

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