Carrie Lam announces to deliver 2021 annual policy

Carrie Lam, HKSAR ( the chief executive of China’s Hong Kong special administrative region) announced on Tuesday that on October 6, 2021, she would deliver the annual policy. For the public view, around 30 consultation sessions will be organised and suggestions would be sought on the address by her,

The chief executive produces the annual policy and delivers it as per the Basic Law of SAR. It helps in setting out the narrative, directives and policies for the upcoming year.

In the coming two months, Lam said that she would be conducting consult sessions to fetch suggestions and views from myriad communities and sectors. She has invited members from the public for offering their views on the annual policy address of 2021. She noted that thoughts and ideas could map out the future of Hong Kong going forward.

Since she took the responsibility of the office as a chief executive, it would be Lam’s fifth address.

Notably, Lam offered her 2020 address on November 25 the previous year. She had made statements on the necessity of the central government for the recovery of the financial hub.

Interestingly, during Tuesday’s briefing for the weekly news, Lam expressed that proposal would bring changes in the existing privacy law, which would halt the illegal doxxing. The statement came after tech and social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google threatened to withdraw their services following the new law in Hong Kong.

Adding to that, she said that the privacy commission would be pleased to interact with the tech companies’ representatives to cast away their anxieties related to the proposed new law.

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