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YuanPay Group offers a lifetime of opportunity to its users by providing them with the platform and a government-approved digital coin to invest in the highly promising market. YuanPay Group is a stalwart wallet organisation that has a hold of Chinese crypto management across the globe. It is noticeable that we are the solely controlled and legally approved crypto platform in China. In short, it is one of a kind controlled legal crypto platform for trading enthusiasts.


We found our establishment in 2010 with the motive to offer revolutionary cryptocurrency trading. We’ve worked hammer and tongs and left no stone unturned to bring all necessary approvals from banks and the government. We are happily connecting with external investors and other organisations. It is scripting the success of the dream that we saw for people.

We wear it as a badge of honour that YuanPay Group has been picked to manage and organise the sales of the latest crypto coin in China. The development is a reward for our good intentions. Yuan Pay Group offers its gratitude. We are here to change the infrastructure of China’s financial system forever.

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